Build that long procrastinated radio electronic project! Use the same original parts specified in the vintage projects! Learn to make substitutions, troubleshoot and improve those vintage circuits! Bring back that youngster in you thrilled with the magic of bringing a radio electronic project to life!

Site dedicated to serve and support the radio electronic hobbyist, student, and professional. You will find here rare and long discontinued vintage transistors as the CK722, 2N107, 2N35, etc, as well as associated components to enable building electronic projects from vintage magazines and books as Hugo Gernsback's publications, Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, Radio Constructor, Practical Wireless, Raytheon Transistor Applications, GE Transistor manuals, Sylvania 28 uses for junction transistors, and the excellent books and articles from Lou Garner, F. G. Rayer, R. A. Penfold, Len Buckwalter, D. A. Findley, Sir Clive Sinclair, Rufus P. Turner, and other great authors of the 50's to 70's. Particular emphasis is given to supporting projects described in the popular book "Transistor Projects" compiled by the staff of Gernsback Library in 1960.

Also a variety of articles to help building these projects will come to this website on a regular basis, including circuit analysis, substitution techniques, performance improvements, "new" vintage projects, science fair projects, etc.

Although the site is primarily dedicated to transistors, it will also support electron tube (the hollow state) projects of the same era using modern tubes as the subminiature CK501AX, nuvistors, and the timeless tube amplifier favorites as 12AX7, 6L6, etc.