I am a retired technical marketing professional who has been enchanted with DIY radio electronics since preteen era in the early 60's. That was when I inherited a box of radio instruments and components from a deceased technician uncle. I gradually increased the contents of that box with mainly surplus components bought with hard earned changes running errands for my parents and neighbors. I avoided soldering transistors and diodes so I could reuse them. When I could afford more components for my hobby, I started buying lots from Radio and TV shops going out of business, sadly a rather common event then. I suppose they could not compete against large organized servicing organizations. Also consumer goods became increasingly complex and often not worth repairing. Their loss was my gain, a sad truth in life. Then I found Hamfests, Vintage radio club auctions and much later, eBay was founded. I have also worked for, and later owned, an electronic parts procurement office, which, during my breaks, allowed me to search and purchase remainder lots of vintage transistors from my wholesale suppliers. Thanks to this 5 decades of accumulation, I have had fun building numerous projects from the vintage publications I loved, but I've ended up with a large inventory of junk and also a respectable quantity of NOS parts manufactured in the 60's and 70's, and some older than that.  Now it's time to fulfill that  kid's dream of owning a Radio electronic parts shop of the 60's where hobbyists, students, and professionals used to buy parts and chat with the storekeepers about the new arrivals, as well as tips in using components for that project. I'm an electronic enthusiast that enjoys tinkering with vintage circuits, but I lack the technical knowledge and the disciplined scientific approach of the true experimenters. Fortunately, I have good friends that are, and I will be inviting them to  share their expertise and experiences with the  visitors of this site. I hope this site will be of help to the community of Radio Electronic Do It Yourself'rs and that it may inspire newcomers to the hobby to discover the joy of making a transistor project work.