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2N107 projects

GE's 2N107 was introduced in 1955 and became as popular or more than its precursor, the CK722. Targeted to hobbyists, it had a long life, being manufactured by GE well into the 70's, and later by ETC in TO-5 encapsulation.  In 1957, GE introduced the companion NPN 2N170 which allowed experimenters to work with complementary circuits as well as higher frequency projects as short wave receivers and transmitters. Allied promoted the transistors publishing the book Understanding transistors and transistor projects. The GE manual's early editions also brought in several experiments with these hobbyist transistors. Lou Garner Jr. is probably the author who wrote the most articles on projects with these transistors.  I still have a box from Lou's estate auction with GE mailing label to Lou with samples of early 2N107's and 2N170's . 

You can find General Electric transistor publications in the Gladly Learn Semiconductor Library.
Almost any PNP germanium junction transistor intended for audio preamplifier or audio driver applications and having a maximum power dissipation rating of 50 milliwatts or more can be substituted for a 2N107. 

Highly compatible 2N107 substitutes include types: 2N43, 2N44, 2N524 & 2N525.

Highly compatible 2N170 substitutes include types: 2N167, 2N168 & 2N169.Project Schematics

Type 2N107 and 2N170 transistors may be purchased from the Transistor Museum Store.