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2N109 Projects

The 2N109 was probably the most popular early transistor among RCA fans.

Early brochures include:  
RCA produced its equivalent to the GE Transistor Manuals, the RCA Transistor Manual.

Additional projects appeared in RCA Ham Tips

and in RCA Engineer which can be found at American Radio History , left column near end of "R" section.

TheRCA Hobby Circuits Manual (primarily audio and music) appeared approximately 1968.

Highly compatible 2N109 substitutes include types: 2N217, 2N407, 2N408.

Project Schematics

2N109 adaptations of RCA's Tower Light Flasher appear in model railroading with C1 = C2 = 2,200 uF as train reverser controls and with original component values as crossing flashers and, of all things, model tower beacon flashers.
Hobbyists use the Radio Electronics phase-shift oscillator as an audio-frequency sine-wave generator and with C1 = C2 = C3 = C4 = 470 uF as a Halloween monster LED eye fader.

Type 2N109 transistors may be purchased from the Transistor Museum Store.