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2SA & 2SB

The loop diode receiver from the Radio-TV Experimenter magazine for 1955, Vol 3 plus Ing. Ramon Vargas Patron's two-transistor direct-coupled amplifier make an amplified diode receiver suited to apartments.  A squashed schematic served as the layout guide for a wooden board amplifier assembly.  During electrical outages, such receivers give much longer operation per battery set than commercial digital types do.  Besides the rectangular shape shown in the Radio-TV Experimenter article, The loop can be built in a spider-web, torii gate, or other shape to suit the constructor.  Additional Ramon Vargas Patron designs can be found at Circuit Exchange International, K. J. Smith's and Universidad Nacional De Ingenieria -- the latter contains for English and Spanish articles.

Many North American electronics hobbyists first  encountered 2SA and 2SB transistors types in kits and in modifying purchased equipment.

2SA49, 2SA52, 2SA221 and 2SB53 transistor types can be purchased from Abra.
Steven Coles,
Oct 8, 2017, 7:28 PM